Alex is a trained voice over artist, devoted illustrator of his orphan comic strip GoodRunts.

For years Alex dabbled around in voice and recordings until he decided to give it a go professionally with Peter Rofe and Matt Desando at PDR Voice Coaching, whose expertise, knowledge, and industry reach is second to none. Peter and Matt coached Alex from a green talent into a professional who’s demo reel is available here!

Alex’s specialty is in commercial, industrial, character, and narrative work. His voice ranges from energetic, to welcoming, warm, and friendly, to smooth with a deep timber that tells wonderful tales.

Alexjrado is his home for thoughts on his work, his experience in creative realm, and motivations. He’s a well rounded individual who finds the best aspect of his work to not only be the final product that is assembled by a team of talented directors and engineers, but the relationship and experiences with the people themselves. Success is the result of a network that produces one great result at a time. One building block at a time, success will happen.

To contact Alex for his voice over availability and other inquiries:



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