Keeping Up the Motivation

Finding motivation to get a project done can be as daunting as it is sometimes easy (once you’ve got the energy). Regardless of the project you are working on, it ultimately boils down to two things: Are you doing this for yourself, or are you doing this for others?

I find nothing wrong with the motivation of doing something for you. If it’s a simple project like a home improvement, art, diy, or selling something to put money in your pocket, all of these things have positive benefits. If you are doing something to benefit others, volunteering, assisting, working with the elderly, whatever it may be, well then there is nothing less than gratitude I have for you.

Regardless, the best way to keep that motivation afloat and your mission in action is to keep a constant reminder as to why you are doing what you are doing. For me, it’s reaching people. One day, I hope to take my children’s book (and future books) and reach as many people as possible to affect them in a positive way that encourages them to explore the endless possibilities discovered by reading.

Sometimes I lose that thought. I spend an awful lot of time drawing. Sometimes it’s less than successful, and sometimes it’s just plain monotonous. I spend a lot of hours at the table with my head down and this dims my perspective. It’s been nearly 15 months and I have little to show for in the way of a finished book. Every page is re-draft after re-draft. It’s been questioning my ability and my product. It’s been over-thinking!

But my best moments are when I get back into the idea of sharing, because that’s the motivation. Sharing is supremely positive because once you get into sharing I increase the chances of improving the lives of others- even if it’s just 2 minutes of entertainment, or a grain of sand’s weight of enlightenment. I’m sure one of these days I’ll stand out on a street corner offering my book for $5 (not just to make a penny off of it, but to help finance the next copy I will be giving away). It’s the thought in my head that says, “Yes, share, keep meeting people! Read to them! This is going to be fun!”

That feels like good motivation.


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