About this Blog

I wrote this in January of 2014. It’s on my original blog of the same name over on blogger. But as I slowly move to WordPress I thought this might be a good opportunity to repost this here. It’s basically my mission. Thanks for visiting:

2 years ago I wrote a children’s story for my niece as a personal holiday gift. It was a project that grew and evolved and became an obsession. It was a short story about two curious rumpled kids that met on a cold winter night and went bounding off into imaginary worlds together, to places big and small. It was a short story of love and friendship. It taught the value of literacy and the meaning of self-worth. It was fun to do and gratifying to finish. But something about it has always left me feeling unfulfilled. I wanted to do more, and I wanted to write about those kids again. Even more, I wanted to illustrate them. So it’s become my goal this year in 2014 to do this:
I’m going to write and illustrate a children’s book.
I have an idea written down but I still need to draw and I’ve never really drawn before, but I am teaching myself how to do it. I have no talent, but talent is overrated. All I’ve got is commitment.
This site was created to chronicle my progress. If I am going to do this- succeed or fail- it’s going to happen out in the open. Please, keep checking in to see the progress and how this children’s book (or series) gets made. I promise you, it will happen. And trust me, these kids in my head are cute.


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