90 Days Away

This weekend I made a spur of the moment conclusion that I was 90 days away from finishing my children’s book. I didn’t say anything until yesterday about it. The few people I told said, “Great!” “Really?” and “I’ll hold you to it.”

Not because they didn’t believe me, but I realized something needed to be said. I have been working on this project off and on for a year now and though progress was being made, there have been less and less updates on the work itself. I spent a lot of time chronicling my development in learning how to draw (always going to be a development I think) and I used a lot of that time as motivation to keep going, but the book was slower, more deliberate, and decidedly difficult. My limitations have been extensive and I’ve had to work around them. Its hard tackling a creative project with a flawed short term logic based strategy plan.

Still, I just opened up and said it. 90 days. I think I said it only a few moments after I told this to myself. That’s always how I worked.

By saying something, I made it real. It wasn’t a day dream. It was a reality. And part of that reality goes a real world commitment. So I have had to kind of piece together an approach to how I am really going to make this all come together 90 days from here. I’ll have to put together some kind of a routine or strategic approach to get things done. Being creative is fulfilling and fun, but sometimes you have to meet the deadlines. I can’t meet one without one being made first. I have it… April 11th.


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